Drupal Blocks

Drupal Blocks

Any blocks that are available in Drupal core's block administration form are also available as drag and drop components in any Glazed Builder instance. Add any dynamic content to your  drag and drop builder and it simply works.

User Login Block

In Glazed Builder you can load any block in your drag and drop container. Here is an example of loading the user login form, but really you could load any form that is available as a block. Got a from from webform module you want to include? Just expose it as a block from the webform edit page.

Admin Blocks & Dashboards

Even admin blocks can be loaded, imagine the awesome dashboards you can create. This is exactly what we do at SooperThemes. The downloads dashboard at sooperthemes.com is also built with Glazed Builder. Combine the Drupal blocks integration with Drupal Views integration and you can build anything!

You don't need to worry about permissions because this is taken care of automatally. The cached version of this page shows the block content for anonymous users and for authenticated users the block is AJAX loaded with proper personalisation.