Animation with Glazed & Glazed Builder


When used tastefully animations can engage your customers and amplify your message.

To the left we use the Glazed float animation to convey that this product is light as a feather.

Sometimes a simple scrolling background is all you need

The parallax background is a special effect that is only available on the section  element. It is typically used for animation of large background photos but in this case we use it a little differently.

Animate Anything, Without Coding

Frontend development used to be complicated and error prone, especially with animation. With Glazed and Glazed Builder it's super easy. All the animations on this page are done just by enabling some animation presets and setting the speed.

Top Animation Features

Responsive Animation

Try this page on your mobile. All animations work great on mobile devices, even when the responsive grid is collapsed to a single column.

Scroll Animations

With Glazed Builder you can create awesome scroll animations without any coding. Create amazing depth perception with parallax backgrounds.

No Code

Glazed Builder lets you add these beautiful animations at the click of a mouse. No coding skills needed.

Advanced Animation Settings

Start with out animate.css presets and customize from there. You can change animation speed, events, transitions and more!

Full Demo Content Included

Nothing is more fun that opening up the pre-installed demo content and editing animations.

Bootstrap 3

All the animations  play nice with Bootstrap 3. In this section we stack different animations on rows and columns for a combined effect.

Directional or On the Spot

Use directional animations to move the user forward, or keep an animation centered to keep attention on your call to action.

PageSpeed Optimized

Our customized animation library is half the size animate.css while keeping. It's only loaded on there pages that need it.

Site-wide animations

Have you seen are mobile menu? Besides the menu Glazed supports animated page title options and more.

Support & Community

Animations can be simple to create but it takes some experience to know the full capabilities of our animation tools. Our customer support and community are ready to help you out!

Technical details


Animation presets


Animation settings


Parallax scroll types



With Glazed theme and Glazed Builder it's super easy to add animation to your content. Every element has an animation tab, where you can choose from a library of animate.css animations.

You can select when the animation starts: for example when an element scrolls into view, or into a certain height in the browser. You can control how speedy the animation is by setting the duration. And there's more to discover. Can't wait to try?